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Doomite Sound Files

(NOTE: Sound files are all .WAV format unless otherwise indicated.)

Humourous Soundfiles

1. "Analog Vs. Digital" (62k)
(First Doomite Robot: "Humans are so stupid!" Second Doomite Robot: "That's because their brains are Analog instead of Digital.")

2. "Prince Lotor's Hero Image" (53k)
(Prince Lotor saying "We've got to end this ridiculous fight! It's not doing anything for my hero image!")

3. "Carp's New RoBeast" (276k)
(Carp describing what he wants in a RoBeast)

4. "Let's Get it On!" (24k)

5. "Far-Out!" (12k)

6. "The Classic Argument" (98k)
(A cool soundbite from "Toonami" on Cartoon Network. They used this to break for commercials.)

7. "A RoBeast's Problem" (73k)
(Lance putting his two cents in about the RoBeast on Planet Caspia.)

8. "The (Blue) Cat's Meow" (45k)
(Hmmm...Could it be coincidence that this meow, from Episode #2 of Voltron, sounds EXACTLY like the guitar "moan" in Iron Butterfly's "Gentle As It May Seem???" Nahhhh!)

9. "Pidge Gets Clumsy!" (82k)
(Boy, Pidge! When you goof up, you REALLY goof up!)

10. "I think we're surrounded!" (40k)
(Good ole Coba, way to inform us of that pesky Voltron Force!)

11. "Rolaids for a RoBeast??" (97k)
(Hunk gives the Giant Tree-Beast heartburn. DRAT!!!)

12. "Doomite Love Potion" (121k)
(Here's Lotor and Haggar talking about their latest plan in Episode #30, "The Sleeping Princess.")

13. "No Time For Autographs" (33k)
(Another line from Episode #30. Ah, our adoring fans!)

14. That's Mister Hornhead to you!" (58k)
(Yes, I guess Cossack is a LITTLE bit dense sometimes...)

15. "Occupational Hazard" (92k)
(Fighting the Voltron Force can be stressful...)

16. "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been" (74k)
(Take a ride in Merla's Cosmatron!)

17. "The Second Long Strange Trip" (157k)
(Haggar and a RoBeast take a trip to Arus...)

18. "Lance Has Room" (79k)
(Boy, Lance, you might wanna be more care... never mind.)

19. "Lance Gets Romantic" (89k)
(I don't think we need any more information, Lance.)

20. "Haggar the Beautician" (64k)
(When you've got magic, who needs plastic surgery??)

21. "What the Voltron Force REALLY Thinks" (189k)
(What's this? The Voltron Force ticked off at Coran??)

22. "Gettin' Yourself Together" (19k)
(Keith has some trouble with the Skeleton-Warriors.)

23. "The White Lion's Advice Vs. Lance's Advice" (143k)
(Who's Allura gonna believe?)

Zarkonian Putdowns!

Yup, Here's a section devoted entirely to the nasty things King Zarkon says about his own son, Prince Lotor!

1. "The Appeal of Lotor" (32k)
(What better way to start this section off? Listen and tell us what you think!)

2. "A Zarkonian Putdown from Episode #43" (84k)
(King Zarkon doesn't think too highly of his son...)

3. "Lotor's Choice" (92k)
(At least Zarkon gives Lotor a choice of punishment...)

4. "A Typical Zarkonian Phrase" (28k)
(We wish he'd say it less often.)

V3D Soundfiles

Yup, we've finally gotten our hands on some soundfiles from Voltron: The Third Dimension, and here's where they'll go! Try this first one out and see what you think...

1. "Heeeeeeeeere's Igor!" (174k)
(An excerpt from the V3D episode "Pidge Gets Iced." What an intro!)

Soundfiles from "Fleet of Doom"

1. "The Introduction Sequence of 'Fleet of Doom'" (in RealAudio) (195k)
(Here it is: The opening sequence of the "Fleet of Doom" special.)

2. "Voltron will be back after these messages." (63k)
(When's the last time you heard this being said? I got this little gem, as well as the next soundfile, with the "Fleet of Doom" video I ordered from World Events!)

3. "And now, back to Voltron, Defender of the Universe!" (56k)
(You definitely don't hear these last two soundfiles every day anymore! Well, I've got 'em here, and I'm glad!)

4. "Guns Vs. Magic Blades" (72k)
(Here's Haggar, having fun with Keith in the Dream Dimension! Gotta love it!)

5. "Haggar Just Wants to Have Fun!" (47k)
(Ya gotta love that Haggar! She has more fun in the Dream Dimension...)

6. "Lion Activation Sequence" (85k)
(Ash thought "What the heck?" Besides, what would a good Voltron site be without a sound file of the activation sequence?)

7. "Lion Formation Sequence" (89k)
(Lion-Force Voltron forming, with Keith calling the shots.)

8. "The OTHER Voltron Force!!" (54k)
(This is what Prince Lotor exclaimed when he saw the Vehicle Voltron Force's space-station.)

9. "Hunk and Cliff" (68k)
(Here's Hunk's reaction to seeing Vehicle Voltron!)

10. "The Blade of Doom!" (61k)
(Prince Lotor's RoBeast, forming the Blazing Scimitar!)

Other Sound Files

1. "A clip from the movie "Vice Versa" (101k)
Just what does this have to do with Voltron? As it turns out, this is from the part of the movie where the grown-up Charlie (Judge Reinhold) plays with a remote-controlled Lion-Force Voltron toy. Listen for the sound of the motor.) *Click HERE for the screenshot!*

2. "The ORIGINAL Voltron "Key-Insertion" Sound" (37k)
(This is from the third episode of Voltron, "A Ghost And Four Keys." I have no idea why, but I wish they'd kept using this one.)

3. "Space-Explorers Need Space??" (55k)
(Another Toonami sequence used between commercials. Whatever about the space...)

4. The New Adventures of Voltron Will Be Right Back!" (54k)
(Just what it says. However, we on Planet Doom have yet to see another website with this soundbyte on it.)

5. "And Now, Back To The New Adventures Of Voltron!" (58k)
(Hey, these last two soundbytes just might be worth something someday...)

6. "The Prelude to the Show" (99k)
(Here's the music to the Toonami sequence that shows Princess Allura wearing only a towel before the Toonami UFO-guy appears. This was actually the first "glimpse" I got of Voltron. I saw the panning shot and heard the music, and I liked the design of the Voltron Logo at the end of the sequence, so I thought I'd keep watching to see if the show was any good. At first, I thought "ehhh," because I hadn't seen any of the previous episodes and this was Episode #12, "Bad Birthday Party," (I think, if I remember right) and it was confusing at first. However, my first glimpse of Haggar in that episode intrigued me, and since it was the middle of summer and there was hardly anything else good to watch on TV, I started watching off-and-on, until I saw Episode #18 for the first time. The rest, as they say, is history, so to make a long story short, I guess you could say that that one Toonami sequence is the thing that got me started with the Voltron Universe. Plus, the music has a definite "groove" to it!)

7. "Lion Roll-Call" (64k)
(Yes, I think you're all there.)

8. "Monster, or RoBeast?" (100k)
(I agree with Lotor on this one.)

RealAudio Files!

Yup, here are longer soundbytes which take up less memory! Here's some right now! (NOTE: In order to hear these, you need to download RealPlayer G2, since Ash has had problems getting his creations to play on earlier versions of RealPlayer. Click the image to download RealPlayer G2.)
Download that sucker!

1. "A Personal Message From Ashkelon Himself!" (53k)
(Here's your chance to hear Ashkelon's voice as he welcomes you to Planet Doom!)

2. "The Low-Down on the Voltron/Sprite Commercials!" (140k)
(Ashkelon got this in an e-mail, before he had seen any of the Voltron/Sprite Commercials on TV. Wondering what the heck we're talking about? Listen and find out!)

3. "The Second(?) Voltron/Sprite Commercial" (64k)
(We think this is the second Voltron/Sprite Commercial. If anyone has or can get an audio file of the first, let us know.)

4. The Third(?) Voltron/Sprite Commercial" (64k)
(Here's the third(?) Voltron/Sprite Commercial, in RealAudio!)

5. "The Final Voltron/Sprite Commercial" (62k)
(Well, here's the final Voltron/Sprite commercial. Guess who won? DRAT!!!)

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