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Voltron Gone Haywire

Attention: This is Planet DOOM speaking!!

Greetings, humanoids! Welcome to Planet Doom!!! Ah, ha, ha, ha!!!
(I picked Planet Doom because there are already too many sissies out there who've set up their webpages on Planet Arus. Besides, we always have MUCH more fun here anyway!!) As I was saying, welcome to the Realm of Voltron on Planet Doom!! In this, my favorite Realm so far, you'll find the story of Voltron from a very different perspective! Prepare yourself for a truly interesting journey!!


(You might wanna read this one.)
You are about to enter an Official Realm of Open-Mindedness. Before proceeding into this Realm, open your mind and disregard judgemental thoughts about "good" and "evil." The opinions expressed in this Realm are the author's. If you do not have an open mind at this point, DO NOT PROCEED FURTHER!! You have been warned.

Now that all the Disclaimer nonsense has been completed, we cordially welcome you to our world! Few people know this, but here on Planet Doom, my name is actually Ashkelon. It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? My lovely Shady Lady and I certainly think so! Here are the Sections of this Realm:

The History

Arus Annoyances

Forces of Doom


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The History

In the beginning, there were two planets at war: Planet Doom and Planet Arus. Planet Doom has a great king named Zarkon. He has a son named Lotor, whom we shall talk about later. Zarkon is a man that simply will NOT take "no" for an answer. He likes to possess total control over his kingdom. However, his authority was questioned by Planet Arus, which had recently joined a troublemaking organization called the Galaxy Alliance. The king of Arus at that time, an old dead guy named Alfor, decided to build a huge robot to stop Zarkon from having his fun. (We on Planet Doom have never forgiven Arus for this and never will.) He named his masterpiece "Voltron" and, for a while, it seemed that all was lost here on Planet Doom.

Then, the tide of battle turned to our side. That's when Haggar, my lovely Shady Lady, stepped in. Since Voltron was screwing up all the fun on our planet, she flew up into space as the goddess that she really is and set a little trap for Voltron. When the sucker flew right into the trap, she blew it up into five little pieces that went hurtling back down to Arus. (This part always makes me feel like the luckiest guy on Planet Doom!!)

Well, after that, we on Planet Doom could do pretty much anything we wanted to. It was about this time that I was recruited from Planet Tyrus, a truly depressing vacationland, to the ranks of Zarkon's Doom Troopers, an elite army of the finest fighters around. I was so successful in helping to conquer new planets that I was to be known as "The Space-Hunter." Then, my lucky break ocurred. Haggar wanted someone to be her right-hand man and lifelong companion. After seeing taped footage of my method of conquest, she decided that I was the one. She sent me a little black kitten as a final test, which I passed with flying colors. (For any of you that are curious, I still have that cat, which I have named Ghost.) I couldn't be happier than to have been chosen by the lovely Shady Lady of Planet Doom!

Anyway, back to the story. When the five pieces of Voltron landed on Arus, Alfor was still determined not to give up. So, he made the five pieces into five robot lions that could come together to form Voltron. (Another unforgivable offense on his part.) Fortunately for us, the old codger was killed in one of our attacks on Arus. However, the Galaxy Alliance got brave and sent up five space explorers to pilot the lions. We shot them down and made them our prisoners, but they somehow escaped in one of our spaceships (Guess we should've used The Club.) and made it to Arus. (Drat those space explorers!!!) To top that off, they teamed up with Allura, Alfor's daughter, to try and stop us. Ever since then, Zarkon has had his mind set on destroying Voltron, which has made life on Planet Doom even more fun for Haggar and I.

Now, King Zarkon and Prince Lotor use Haggar and I to their advantage. Haggar came up with this brilliant idea: Fight fire with fire!! (My Shady Lady's ideas are always brilliant!!) In order to destroy Voltron, we create RoBeasts: deadly, Voltron-crushing robots that are good-looking as well as devestating.

Arus Annoyances

Normally, our RoBeasts alone could send Voltron into oblivion so that we could finally conquer Arus. However, Voltron happens to have some good-for-nothing allies. These include:

Koran-This guy's the chief adviser of the Castle of Lions. Haggar and I think he is WAY too uptight about things.

Alfor's Ghost-Even after King Zarkon killed this guy, he STILL shows up to ruin our fun!! DRAT!!!

The Galaxy Alliance-These troublemakers always turn up at the worst times!

Prince Bandor of Planet Pollux-He's a young menace with a nerdy voice. We use his sister, Princess Romelle, to set traps of ingenuity!

The Space Mice-Horrible little furballs that live in the Castle of Lions with the Voltron Force. They've set up their own defense corps, which has ruined our fun more than once. Drat those space mice!!

Sven-An original member of the Voltron force, we captured Sven early on in the conflict. Unfortunately, he escaped with Romelle and has been nothing but trouble ever since.

Merla, Queen of Darkness-Don't let her name decieve you. She started out as a pretty cool woman, but she let good thoughts enter her telepathic mind and joined the allies of Voltron. DRAT!! Drat! Drat! Drat!

Stride, The Tiger-Fighter-This guy looked pretty promising as an ally of Planet Doom until The Voltron Force convinced him that he was on the wrong side. DRAT!! Drat! Drat! Drat!

The Forces Of Doom

Of course, to fully appreciate the Forces of Doom, one must know all the key characters of the vast Empire of Doom. These are the coolest people in the entire universe, and don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise!! These cool arch-rivals of Voltron include:

His Majesty, King Zarkon-A true example of someone being "Bad To The Bone!!!"

His Excellency, Prince Lotor-Zarkon doesn't think too highly of Lotor. Haggar and I think he's all right, even if he is a little foolhardy.

My Lovely Shady Lady of Planet Doom, the Poisoned Apple of my Eye, the True Matron of Darkness, Haggar, the Witch-What more can I say?? She's a real lady of the night who, with my help, mixes dark sorcery with the latest robotic technology to create deadly RoBeasts. (See the Tributes section of this Realm.)

Yurak-This guy was the predecessor to Mogor and Cossack.

Mogor-He was the head or the military before Cossack.

Cossack-This guy was a fellow member of the Doom Troopers with me. Now, he's the head of the military, right under King Zarkon. A pretty cool guy unless you get him steamed.


Her Favorite Style

Lonely Boy

30 min. of Pure Wishful Thinkin'

Please Note

This Realm is Under Construction until Further Notice.
Please come back here often as I have more stuff planned for this Realm.

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