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Colorful Schtuff!

Congratulations! You've just entered the secretive world of the (soon to be) Famous Rainbow Caves on Planet Doom! Now, if you're familiar with the second season episodes of Voltron, you'll probably be asking "Weren't the Rainbow Caves located on Planet Arus??" right about now. Well, yes, the original Rainbow Caves were featured in Second Season Episode #13 ("A Ghost of a Chance"). If you remember, the original Rainbow Caves were located in the Valley of Zohar, on Arus. This is where Queen Merla (disguised as an old woman wearing a purple cloak) trapped the Voltron Force by faking an appearance by Alfor's ghost. Unfortunately, the old dead loser DID "pop back up," rescuing the Voltron Force just in time to ruin our fun. DRAT!!

"So why are there Rainbow Caves on Planet Doom, anyway??" is probably the question rolling around in your head now. Well, "A Ghost of a Chance" happens to be one of Ashkelon's favorite second season Voltron episodes (tied with Second Season Episode #6, "Voltron Meets Jungle-Woman"). There's just something about that episode that's so.... Eighties!

Anyway, Ash found this GREAT place to find Voltron stuff, He found so many cool pictures of RARE and DIFFERENT Voltron-related stuff that he decided to claim some caves on Planet Doom, decorate them, and create the Rainbow Caves on Planet Doom to display his "findings!" He also wanted to create these Rainbow Caves in honor of David Mark Din's website, which is down at this time (July 19th). David had a BUNCH of pictures of Voltron-related stuff on his old site, and Ash wanted to dedicate these caves to him.

Below, you will see a bunch of thumbnails of Voltron-related items. If you roll your mouse over the thumbnail, you'll get a short discription of what the picture is of. And, if you click the thumbnail, you'll be taken to a full-sized version of the picture, with greater detail. To get back here after viewing "The Big Picture," just click the "Back" button on your browser. Oh, one more thing: feel free to use any of these pictures for your own site. Well, here you go!!

I am the owner of this Voltron Mask! A Black 
Lion Flashlight and a Voltron CosmiCounter Calculator! Another view 
of the Flashlight and Calculator! Here's a Coffin 
of Darkness made by Panosh Place! (We call it the Coffin-Cruiser!) Here's a great 
picture of a Coffin of Darkness, out of the box. Here's a Lion-
Force Voltron Assembler by LJN, mint on the card! Here's the 
Calculator, in the box! Here's a 
Voltron Electro-Lazer Stun Gun box...
...And here's the 
Electro-Lazer Stun Gun, out of the box! Would you believe somebody still had this Voltron Party set 
laying around somewhere? Here is Panosh Place's rendering of King Zarkon in plastic! Here's how Panosh 
Place rendered the Shady Lady in plastic! Here's a Panosh 
Place Haggar figure, mint on the card! Here's Prince Lotor, 
rendered in plastic by Panosh Place! Here's another shot 
of Panosh Place's Prince Lotor on the display card. Here's Prince Lotor's 
Bio Card from the Panosh Place toy! Wow! Here's the 
front of a box which contains a MODEL of Go-Lion from Japan! Here's a side panel 
from the same box!
And here's the 
actual model! Wow, Unpainted! Hey, here's 
Dairugger XV (Vehicle Voltron) on the front of a model box from 
Japan!! Here's the side 
of the box... ...And here's 
the actual model! Here's a Doom 
Blaster from Panosh Place! Here's the 
Coffin of Doom, from Panosh Place! Here's a picture of 
a Voltron Star-Shooter camera folded up... ...and here's the 
same camera, unfolded and ready for action!

Here's a shot of 
the Panosh Place Castle of Lions. Wish they'd come out with a Castle 
Doom! Another shot of 
the Castle... Yet another 
shot... And another 
shot... Whew! Last one 
of the Castle!

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The Rainbow Caves are Under Construction Until Further Notice!

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