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The Ultimate 
Doomite Spoiler Page!

Sure, there are other Voltron sites out there with lists of all the Voltron episodes that have aired. However, we're willing to bet that none have told how the Doomites have felt about each episode. That has just changed. Ash decided to give our own spin on things here.

Here's how it works: Ash will have given countless hours of time and effort (well, time, anyway) to give you the descriptions of most of the Voltron episodes when this Chamber is all finished. He'll actually rate each episode, on a scale of 1 to 5 ( being the worst, and being the best) based on the Doomites point of view. In addition to this, he'll also try to point out high points and low points of each episode after the synopsis. So here they are, The (Doomite) Voltron Episode Guides!

Which season would you like to read about?

Classic Voltron: Season One (1984-85)
The Beginning: The First Four Episodes
Episodes 5-10
Episodes 11-20
Episodes 21-30
Episodes 31-40
Episodes 41-50
Classic Voltron Season Two (1985-86)
Coming Soon!
V3D Season One (1998-99) Coming Soon!
V3D Season Two (1999-2000)
(Ash needs all the V3D Season Two episodes. If you can help out in any way, let him know!)

This Chamber is Under Construction until Further Notice.

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