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Where the Doomites Rock!

If you've been paying attention to this web page since the beginning, you undoubtedly have seen the title of the tribute song "30 min. of Pure Wishful Thinkin'". If you've wondered who the Dawgs are, read on!

Back when Ashkelon was still a young Tyrusian Rogue, he and his brother, Zered, decided to form their own rock band. With the help of Cossack, the two started playing gigs on Tyrus. Dubbed "Ash & the Tyrus Vyrus," the band was very successful, playing their own form of Tyrusian swamp rock.

When Ash and Cossack were recruited to the Doom Troopers, they still kept their music at high priority when they weren't conquering planets for King Zarkon. Then one day here at the Den of Ashkelon, Haggar just happened to come into the house to find Ashkelon, Cossack, Zered, and Rasheera, Ashkelon's Dark Princess, in the middle of a jam session. (Unknown to any of the bandmembers, Haggar played a mean organ!) One thing led to another, and the present incarnation of the Dawgs was formed. Here is the band line-up:

Ashkelon: Lead guitar, lead vocals, Tyrusian drums*
Zered: Lead guitar, vocals
Haggar: Organ, visual effects, some vocals
Rasheera: Drums
Cossack: Bass
*(Tyrusian drums are composed of special sensors worn in glove form on the player's hand. When the player "drums" his hands on a solid surface, the sensors send a true-to-life drum sound to an amplifier.)

There is a legend on Planet Doom that says Ash volunteered to be the subject of one of Haggar's experiments to let his psyche be transported into a male earth baby right after birth. This experiment only lasted a second on Planet Doom, although the earth baby was impregnated with Ashkelon's psyche for 16 years. Ironically, the earth child is reported to have started his own band at a very young age. The band was called Dawg-Monia when the boy was 16 years old, but when Ashkelon's psyche left him, the boy suddenly changed his bands line-up and called himself "Mister Blisster." However, some people say that Ashkelon's spirit of darkness still haunts the boy to this very day.

Anyway, back to Planet Doom. Like Ash & the Tyrus Vyrus, the Dawgs are immensely popular on Planet Doom. When they're not on interplanetary conquest missions, they're the house band of Planet Doom's premier nightclub, Oz. The band has a heavy, solid sound, not unlike Iron Butterfly's sound. Ash can go from a solemn bass to a shrieking, chant-like scream, or anywhere in between. His guitar licks are awesome. Zered's voice is a little higher then Ashkelon's, but the two compliment each other nicely. Zered's guitar has the same heavy sound as Ashkelon's. Haggar's organ is very much like Haggar herself: Dark, Gothic, and mysterious. When she sings, she's usually shrieking with Ashkelon or just by herself. Rasheera's drumming is very reminiscent of Ron Bushy, the drummer for Iron Butterfly. And Cossack's bass holds the songs together like super glue.

Songs from the Dawgs

Listed below are a few titles of songs written and sung by the Dawgs. Click on the title that sounds interesting, and you'll be able to read the lyrics of that song.

"Ride On, Doom Troopers"
"You Can't Win"
"Killed By The Beasts (Neverworld)"

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