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These are my Peeps!

Of course, to fully appreciate the Doomite Forces, one must know all the key characters of the vast Doomite Empire. These are the coolest people in the entire universe, and don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise!! These cool arch-rivals of Voltron include:

His Majesty, King Zarkon- Regardless of what Jim Morrison says, Zarkon is the TRUE "Lizard-King!"

His Excellency, Prince Lotor- Zarkon doesn't think too highly of Lotor. Haggar and I think he's all right, even if he is a little foolhardy.

My Lovely Shady Lady of Planet Doom, the Poisoned Apple of my Eye, the True Matron of Darkness, Haggar, the Witch- What more can I say?? She's a real lady of the night who, with my help, mixes dark sorcery with the latest robotic technology to create deadly RoBeasts. (See the Chamber of Tributes for more schtuff!)

Yurak- This guy was the predecessor to Mogor and Cossack.

Mogor- He was the head or the military before Cossack. (Picture coming soon!)

Cossack- This guy was a fellow member of the Doom Troopers with me. Now, he's the head of the military, right under King Zarkon. A pretty cool guy unless you get him steamed.

A line from Episode #1. What a Glorious Thought!

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