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Welcome to the Den!

Welcome to the freshly-remodeled Den!

Greetings, Humanoids! Welcome to Planet Doom! Ah ha ha ha!!!
(I picked Planet Doom because there are already too many sissies out there who've set up their webpages on Planet Arus. Besides, we always have MUCH more fun here anyway!!)

While you're on our great planet, you'll be our guests here at the Den of Ashkelon! In this dark and mysterious Realm that Ash calls home, you'll find the story of Voltron from a very different perspective! Prepare yourself for a truly interesting journey!!

It thrills us to tell you that this site has been on-line for over 2 years now! A big Doomite Salute goes out to all the visitors who've checked out and/or linked to this site!

We've been renovating!

As you can see, the site formerly known as "Planet Doom" has been changed to "The Den of Ashkelon." Ash has been wanting to renovate this place for a while now, and here's the result. Since this site was last updated, Ash has had some cool ideas, and now, these ideas can be shown to y'all, whether you're a Doomite, a wannabe Doomite, or just someone who likes the Voltron series. Enjoy the new looks, and feel free to e-mail us with comments/suggestions.

The Den of Ashkelon is always under construction, as most great websites should be. With this in mind, keep checking this site often for any possible updates. Thanks in advance, slave! *silent laugh*

So where do you want to go first?

There are many chambers of information about Voltron in General, the Doomites, the Arusians, and loads of other schtuff. You must now choose which one you'd like to visit first.

Here are your Chamber Choices:

Doomite History 101: A basic primer on where we're coming from, for the curious newcomer.
Doomite Enemy #1: The Arusians. 'Cuz it's always good to know who you're up against...
The Doomites: The Coolest of the Cool!
The Episode Guides. Get the Doomite's point of view!
The Tributes Chamber. Click here to pay your respects.
The Quotes Chamber. Doomites say the darnedest things...
The Doomite Rec. Room. Under heavy construction. Watch your head.
The Dawgs' Music Chamber. Wanna jam? This is the PLACE!
The Doomite Media Chamber: Sound, Video, & More!
The (Soon to be) Famous Rainbow Caves. You never know what you'll find in here...
The Tree-Beast Forest: a transcript for Ashkelon's Favorite Voltron Episode!
Sector G-29. This is where the screenshots are.
Voltron: The Third Dimension. CGI Voltron? Here's the 4-1-1.
Ashkelon's Personal Chamber. Come in and learn about the Man behind the Name.
Doomite Plastic Surgery! An interactive chance for revenge on the Voltron Force!
**NEW!** Doomite Central Happenings! The Official Blog of the Den of Ashkelon!
Links to Other Sites
Here's a 3D Studio MAX rendering.

Enjoy your stay at the Den of Ashkelon!

The Den of Ashkelon is Under Construction Until Further Notice!

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