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The Newest Incarnation of Voltron!

Starting in September 1998, World Events Productions brought Voltron back to TV stations around the country. This time, however, the super-robot is geared up for the '90s, in TOTAL 3-D CGI animation. This format has its good points and its bad points. For one thing, it'll hopefully make a whole new generation of kids raised on the Power Strangers realize that there's an action-packed show out there that actually has a plot. Also, it'll give fans of the show who might have gotten a late start (like me) a second chance to get the new toys put out by Trendmasters. And last but not least, the new show might just spark some memories in today's kids when they're 19 or 20 years old and they see the re-runs of the new show on Cartoon Network.

However, this brings me to the bad points of "Voltron: The Third Dimension." ("V3D," as we fans call the show.) First, the new show does NOT have any ties to the original anime series in terms of animation. As any die-hard Voltron fan will point out, the original anime version of "Classic" Voltron is what gave the series character and interest. Here was a show based on anime that was (in my opinion) much better produced than "Speed Racer" or other early "Americanized" anime, which held your attention because the plot was different than you had gotten used to in other shows. It's almost as if a little of the Japanese culture rubbed off on the American version. However, with the new series being produced in the US from the beginning, I'm afraid the next generation of Voltron fans won't sense any underlying cultures like there are in Classic Voltron.

Also, before I had seen any of the series, I was shocked to read that our great King Zarkon had supposedly become one of the good guys! I mean, come ON! Every subject on Planet Doom knows that our great leader would NEVER join the Galaxy Alliance. If ANYONE on Planet Doom were to give himself to the Alliance, I'd think it would be Prince Lotor, according to the last episode of the original Second Season. However, upon seeing the entire first season of the series, I learned that Zarkon's still as evil as ever, which is espescially cool, since he's probably got most of Galaxy Garrison's secrets from pretending to side with them.

Oh, another thing about the new series: Haggar does not look anything like in Classic Volotron. Although BJ Ward is still doing her voice, which is great, I prefer the way she looks in the Classic series. Oh well, I'm not the one in charge of making the show, so I guess I can't do TOO much complaining. Here's some pictures...

Note: To see "The Big Picture," just click on any of the thumbnails below.

Here's the computer-generated Keith. Here's a mug-shot of Keith...
Here's the 3-Dimensional Lance. Here's how Hunk looks in 3-D. Here's the CGI Pidge! And here's Princess Allura, in 3 dimensions.

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