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The place for screenshots!

You have just gone through the portal to Sector G-29, Home of the Omega Comet! Here, you'll be able to see original screenshots from all of the lion-force Voltron series! (Season One, Season Two, and V3D) We're in the process of organizing these pictures by season and episode, for your convenience.

If you roll your mouse over any of the thumbnails below, you'll see a short description of the picture and the episode it came from. To see "The Big Picture," simply click on the thumbnail that you'd like to see. Enjoy!

Season One Screenshots

General screenshots

Ah, The Galaxy Alliance. Always making trouble...

Episode #8: "The Stolen Lion"

Here's 'Prince Bokar of Senak'. I know WEP edited stuff out of Go-Lion, but sheesh! The Violent side of Pidge.

Episode #13: "The Witch Gets a Face-Lift"

I think Coran's enjoying what he sees... You won't see a full-body shot of Allura 
wearing only a towel ANYWHERE else! The guys are enjoying the view... ...but Nanny is NOT impressed! Lance is blinding Pidge.

Episode #17: "My Brother is a RoBeast"

Here's King Koba of the planet Pollux. Not related to our cat. Lotor and Zarkon. Like father, like son. Here's Prince Avok of Planet Pollux. Avok, poised to fight Lotor. Princess Romelle and Prince Bandor of Pollux. This is an example of a Doomite Black Coffin-Cruiser.  Avok as a RoBeast.

Episode #18: "Zarkon is Dying"

Look, It's Zondra! Another shot of Zondra... Yet another shot of Zondra. Ah, yes! The giant Tree-Beast!

"Fleet of Doom" Screenshots

The Castle of Lions in Flying Fortress mode. Here's a good picture of a Doomite Medal. Here's the scientist who insulted Haggar: Before... ...and After! That's showin' 'em, Haggar! A good mug shot of Zarkon. Here's Haggar's alter-ego, Delilah Honerva. Here's another shot of Delilah ...

Season Two Screenshots

Episode #6: "Voltron Meets Jungle Woman"

This jungle-girl's name is Mirana.

Season #8: "Who Was That Masked Man?"

This is what Pollux Castle looks like in Season Two.

Sector G-29 is Under Construction Until Further Notice!

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