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More than just a handsome face!

Here's Looking At You, SLAVE!

Okay, now that you have a basic background on who the Doomites in general are, a few people might be asking "So who IS this Ashkelon, anyway? Well, this is the section where the story of the Space-Hunter from Planet Tyrus will eventually be told! For starters, here's some basic information. Please note that this is only fictional information. With this in mind, enjoy!

Name: Ashkelon
Nicknames: Ash, the Space-Hunter, the Doomite (used when he takes a trip to Earth), the Witches' Plaything
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Occupation: Member of the Doom Troopers, Haggar's right-hand man/companion
Birthday: July 26th
Place of Birth: Planet Tyrus
Father's name and occupation: Anton, Tourist Bureau manager on Tyrus
Mother's name and occupation: Kayna, Servant on Tyrus
Sibling(s): Zered (Younger brother)
Hobbies: Conquering planets, helping Haggar with spells, flying through space in the Coffin Cruiser (Really a Dodge Strato-Charger), playing and singing with the rest of the Dawgs, frolicking with Rasheera, his Dark Princess


Here's the link for the picture above.
Here's a black-and-white of Ash, taken when he was feeling artistic.
Here's one of Ash, chillin' in his corduroys smokin' a cigar on an autumn day in 2000.
Ash enjoys relaxing in his favorite chair in the Den...


Great news! Ash has been promising some fan-fic for you guys for awhile with no results, so, finally, here's the beginning of "A Doom Trooper's Tale"! Enjoy, and tell us what you think!

"A Doom Trooper's Tale"

Chapter One: Tyrusian Rogue

This Chamber is Under Construction until Further Notice.

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