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Who we're up against...

Normally, our RoBeasts alone could send Voltron into oblivion so that we could finally conquer Arus. However, Voltron happens to have some good-for-nothing allies. These include:

The Voltron Force:

Keith-The leader of the force, pilot of Black Lion, head of Voltron. A real pain in the butt!

Lance-Second in command, pilot of Red Lion, right arm of Voltron. He might look handsome to some people, but looks can be deceiving...

Hunk-pilot of Yellow Lion, left leg of Voltron. This guy needs a diet in the worst way!

Pidge-the runt of the litter, pilot of Green Lion, left arm of Voltron. Small in stature, with a nasal voice.

Allura-pilot of Blue Lion (In place of Sven), right leg of Voltron. I've seen MUCH prettier women here on Planet Doom, like my girlfriend, the Dark Princess!

Other Annoyances:

Koran-This guy's the chief adviser of the Castle of Lions. Haggar and I think he is WAY too uptight about things.

Nanny-Self-explanatory. Basically, Nanny is the Number Two Worrier of the Castle of Lions. Talk about being an ANNOYANCE!!

Alfor's Ghost-Even after King Zarkon killed this guy, he STILL shows up to ruin our fun!! DRAT!!!

The Galaxy Alliance-These troublemakers always turn up at the worst times!

Prince Bandor of Planet Pollux-He's a young menace with a nerdy voice. We once used his sister, Princess Romelle, to set traps of ingenuity!

The Space Mice-Horrible little furballs that live in the Castle of Lions with the Voltron Force. They've set up their own defense corps, which has ruined our fun more than once. Drat those space mice!!

Sven-An original member of the Voltron force, we captured Sven early on in the conflict. Unfortunately, he escaped with Romelle and has been nothing but trouble ever since.

Merla, Queen of Darkness-Don't let her name deceive you. She started out as a pretty cool woman, but she let good thoughts enter her telepathic mind and joined the allies of Voltron. DRAT!! Drat! Drat! Drat!

Stride, The Tiger-Fighter-This guy looked pretty promising as an ally of Planet Doom until The Voltron Force convinced him that he was on the wrong side. DRAT!! Drat! Drat! Drat!

A line from Second-Season Episode #5, where the Voltron Force goes to Planet Zaul.
Customized by Ashkelon!

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