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That's what 'Da Man Said!

Welcome to the Quotes Chamber! Here, you can see some of Ashkelon's favorite quotes from Voltron episodes.

Season One (1984-85)

This first quote is from Episode #34, "Lotor Traps Pidge." For a little background, this is from the part where Pidge & Tommy go down into the tunnel and see the two Doomite Robots:

First Doomite Robot: Humans are so stupid!
Second Doomite Robot: That's because their brains are Analog instead of Digital.
(Click HERE to hear the soundbite!)

Here are my favorite two quotes from Episode #36: "Lotor's Clone," in which Prince Lotor clones himself to fight the Voltron Force. This first one is from where the Clone and Keith are fighting each other:

(The Original) Prince Lotor: We've got to end this ridiculous fight! It's not doing anything for my hero image!
(Click HERE to hear the soundbite!)

Here's the second quote from Episode #36. I never really noticed this quote until I re-watched this episode for the Episode Guides Chamber. When I did notice it, I knew that I had to put it in this Chamber! It's from where Lotor and his clone have a "merging of minds."

Lotor's Clone: (To Lotor) I know you as well as I know myself!
(The Original) Prince Lotor: You ARE myself, and I'm making a fool of me!

These next two quotes are from First Season Episode #37: "Lotor's New Hitman." As for King Zarkon calling the guy that looks like Mogor "Morgill," I don't think this occurs in any other episodes, so go figure. Oh well, here are the quotes. This first one is from when Carp first sees his new RoBeast:

Carp: Changes must be made before I fly that thing.
Morgill: Is the great Carp afraid?
Carp: I fear nothing, but it must be the fastest RoBeast ever built and it must be red. I only fly red ships, and it must have windows, many more windows!
Morgill: That's nonsense! You'll fly any kind of ship you're given!
Haggar: Oh, it's quite all right. My magic can easily change the color to red, but I don't do windows.
(Click HERE to hear the soundbite!)

Here's the other quote from Episode #37. This is where Carp challenges Voltron the second time:

Carp: Let's get it on!
(Click HERE to hear the soundbite!)

Season Two (1985-86)

Here are two quotes from "A Ghost of a Chance." The first one is from where Allura escapes Merla's Cosmatron.

Merla: Haggar, Cossack! Why didn't you do something to catch her?!
Cossack: Catch who, that girl in pink? Was she someone important?

This quote is from where Merla unleashes the RoBeast.

Cossack: I thought you said you hid the keys to your RoBeast, Haggar.
Haggar: I did! She must have hot-wired it when I wasn't looking!
(These were submitted by Sheya. Thanks, Sheya!)

This quote comes from the second-season episode where the Voltron Force tries to get the Cadmium flower:

King Zarkon: Merla, please scratch my back. Being a terror makes me tense!

(Footnote: My response to that last quote was: "Zarkon, what I think you need is a good masseuse!")
(Click HERE to hear the soundbite!)

This next quote is from Second Season #21, the last episode of the Second Season, also known as "The New Adventures of Voltron." This is the part where Cossack comes to announce that Lotor's battleship is ready:

Merla: Cossack! Go away! You're a bad influence on him.
Cossack: No I'm not, I'm a nice guy when you get to know me. Relax, Queenie, I understand all this Luvvie-Duvvie stuff, it's OK.

Now you see what we're talking about by "Quotes!" Like we said before, Ash is always adding more quotes to this Chamber. Actually, we could use some of your favorite quotes from Voltron episodes! If you have a favorite quote from ANY Voltron episode, e-mail it to us.

This Chamber Is Under Construction until Further Notice.

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