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Author's Note:

Before I tell the story of how I came to be known as one of the most feared and respected members of King Zarkon's Doom Troopers, I have to explain something to you. If you've seen Episode #28 of the First Season of Classic Voltron, you're no doubt wondering what Prince Lotor is referring to when he tries to get Allura to drink "the Red Lava Juice of Tyrus." Well, wonder no more. Here is a basic description of Tyrusian Lava Juice and how it is made.

The Tyrusian Loquat is a small, yellow fruit, about the size of a very small plum. It grows in bunches on trees in the Southlands of Planet Tyrus. When it is ripe, it has a very sweet, delicious flavor. The inside of the fruit is fleshy, with two to four large, brown seeds in the center. For years, Southern Tyrusians have picked the Tyrusian Loquat to eat on the long, summer days. However, it is also picked to make Tyrusian Lava Juice, the official drink of Tyrusian high society.

The juice of the Tyrusian Loquat has a very unusual property. Like most all other fruit juices, it can be fermented rather easily. However, as it ferments, the juice turns from almost clear to a bright red color. This is because of a property of the juice that actually oxidizes as the juice ferments. This is what gives Tyrusian Lava Juice its characteristic red color. After the juice has fermented, it has a mild psychedelic effect, along with the effect of the alcohol. However, the alcohol flavor is just barely recognizable in Tyrusian Lava Juice, which retains the sweetness of the unfermented juice. This having been said, Tyrusian Lava Juice is a very powerful spirit, which fools people who aren't familiar with it. Those of us who have experienced the effects of Tyrusian Lava Juice overkill have learned to drink this beverage with respect. And now, onto my story!

Chapter One: Tyrusian Rogue

In the times before King Alfor of the planet Arus created the troublesome super-robot named Voltron, the Doomite King Zarkon was recruiting fearless young warriors to fight in the ranks of his personal army, the Doom Troopers. These men would help the great king in conquering all the planets of the galaxy, and would remain loyal to the end, if necessary. At the same time, Haggar, the king's personal sorceress and master of the Dark Arts, was searching for an assistant to her Magic Spells and a lifelong companion in which she would gain her favour. This is the story of how both King Zarkon and Haggar found a great asset in Ashkelon, the young daredevil and rock star from the planet Tyrus.

Ashkelon was on his way to the Torturesville Pavilion, to see the Rabid Pig concert. For weeks, every one of the young people in Torturesville and surrounding areas had been buzzing about this concert, and they all wanted tickets. Since Ash was the front-man of another well-loved Tyrusian swamp-rock band, Ash & the Tyrus Vyrus, he was able to secure the position of opening for Rabid Pig. After "The Vyrus," as die-hard fans called the band, had warmed up the crowd, they'd watch the rest of the concert in V.I.P. seats on the balcony, away from the possible danger of their fans. Ash was in good spirits as he flew his Nebula sports-spacecraft toward the venue. Tonight, the band would help Rabid Pig in giving the audience a show they wouldn't soon forget. And, because he and the rest of the band were also Rabid Pig fans, that would be an added bonus.

Although Ash & the Tyrus Vyrus was one of Planet Tyrus' more influential and famous rock bands, each member almost always took their own transportation to the gigs they played. This way, if one of the members met some adoring fans after the show, they wouldn't have to worry about the other guys waiting to get home or do their own thing. It had been this way ever since Ash and his younger brother, Zered, had formed the Tyrus Vyrus with the help of their good friend, Cossack. Tonight was no exception. When Ash docked the Nebula in its reserved bay, the rest of the band had arrived and were waiting for him.

"What's the vibe, y'all?" Ash asked his cohorts. "Man, this crowd is gonna be awesome, Bro!" Zered replied. "You know it!" Cossack added with a grin. "Two of the best Tyrusian bands on one stage, with an extra bonus to boot!"

"Clue me in on this 'bonus,' C" Ash said, using the first letter of Cossack's name, just like he did when they played their music. "Oh yeah, you were probably listening to Rabid Pig's latest music disc instead of K-I-L-L Radio on the way over here." Cossack guessed aloud. "The word from K-I-L-L is that some Doomite brass is gonna be watching the concert from the balcony tonight! Is that enough of a bonus for ya?"

"Sho' nuff, man! You ain't razzin' me, are you?" Ash asked in disbelief. He'd heard that the Doomites were sending their top brass to the allied planets of the Doom Empire to scout out people to serve King Zarkon, but he hadn't heard anything about this. Now, Ash was excited. The band had always aspired to become the band that Zarkon would use to entertain ambassadors. Now, this aspiration might just be coming to fruition!

Needless to say, Ash & the Tyrus Vyrus did one of their best gigs that night. Their sound was as solid as a concrete wall, and the crowd was giving them all a good vibe. As The Vyrus reached the conclusion of "Just Got Paid" and Ash raised both his hands in the Doomite Salute, he knew that there was a strong possibility of being picked to play for Zarkon.

When the group got to their balcony seats to watch Rabid Pig pick up where The Vyrus had left off, they got a surprise. In that same section of seats were three beautiful women, one for each member of the band. This was a treat; their agent didn't normally outfit them with women after the show, beautiful or otherwise. Of course, that was all right, because they usually had no trouble finding at least one pretty girl for each of them. However, Ash doubted that he had ever seen female Vyrus fans this gorgeous before. As Rabid Pig played the second half of an excellent show, Ash and the other guys got to know their new friends better. Ash got the first choice of the girls, and he picked a nice one. Tall and long-legged, with raven hair, she wore a dark red dress that perfectly complimented her ruby lips. She said her name was Delilah. Ash was already beginning to like her, but in an almost subconscious way. It was almost as if she had telepathically urged him to choose her over the other two women. However, Ash didn't think anything of it, and when the show was over, they both decided to go to the Doomskull Tavern for some red Tyrusian Lava Juice. Ash thoroughly enjoyed Delilah's company at the tavern, and the last thing he remembered that night was that he had accepted an invitation to go to her place.

To Be Continued in Chapter Two!

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