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All the Doomites have caught 

"So just what does the Doomite Salute look like?" you may ask. Well, no person in the Voltron series actually performed this salute, but you can see where we got it from. If you take a good look at the long staff that Zarkon sometimes holds on his throne, you'll see that on top of it is a figure of a hand in a unique position.

This is where the Doomite Salute comes from.

It is relatively easy to perform the Doomite Salute, once you get the hang of it. What you do is basically make the "peace" sign with your left hand, but instead of bending your thumb into your palm, you extend it out from the side of your hand. If you do it right, it should look like this.

Now you know how it's done!

So now, whenever people ask you which side you're on, snap the Doomite Salute with pride!

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