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Classic Voltron Season One (1984-85)

(Episodes 11-20)

Episode #11: "Surrender"

In this episode, Haggar sends a fiery red rain to Arus. The Voltron Force tries to put the fires out through most of the episode. A young girl named Tammy gets separated from her mother and is found by Pidge. Yurak takes hostages and issues an ultimatum: Surrender or the hostages die. Keith and the others surrender, but it's really Tammy in Pidge's uniform. Pidge saves the day and Voltron is formed. After a good fight, the latest RoBeast is destroyed. Tammy is even reunited with her mother.

I didn't get much from this episode, probably because Haggar only had one line in the beginning of the episode. However, it was another near-victory for the Doomites, so I'll give it credit for that. It as also cool to see Arus on fire like that.

Episode #12: "Bad Birthday Party"

For his birthday, Zarkon and the Doomites take a little trip to the desert planet Nemon, where Zarkon's nephew, Tabor, is running the show. A boy named Jai escapes to Arus, but he is shot down and lands in the moat of the Castle of Lions, of all places. After recuperating, he begs the Voltron Force to go to Nemon to stop Zarkon. The Doomites are just about to watch some slaves get tortured for Jai's escape when Voltron shows up and destroys a statue of Zarkon. Haggar sends two RoBeasts to fight Voltron. After a fantastic fight, Voltron is victorious yet again.

This episode is fun to watch. You've gotta love the introduction to this episode! Also, in the case of RoBeasts, two of them seem to make a good fight a lot more exciting to watch! The scene where Voltron has to roll on the ground to dodge one of the RoBeast's swords is very cool. Unfortunately, Voltron ruins a perfectly good statue of Zarkon, and once again slices up our handiwork.

Episode #13: "The Witch Gets a Face-Lift"

Haggar gets into the Castle of Lions by "borrowing" the appearance of Allura's aunt Orla, who is supposed to pay a visit to the castle. Once inside, she attempts to do Allura in. The scheme almost works, except that the Space Mice cause trouble as always. Although the Voltron Force try to tell Allura the truth, she refuses to believe it. Coba ends up being trapped by the Voltron Force, who show it to "Orla." After Haggar reveals herself and takes Nanny hostage, the cat is released. The Lions launch to pursue Haggar, who releases a Claw-Beast. Voltron is formed, and the Claw-Beast is destroyed. The real Orla is found by the Voltron Force.

This is another excellent episode. Not only does Haggar steal the show, Zarkon and Yurak don't even make an appearance in this episode! (Not any bias against them, you understand.) You've gotta give credit to the Shady Lady for a fine attempt at victory here. I especially like the "Beauty Salon" scene. Genius! Also, for an old witch, Haggar is no slowpoke! Although the dreaded Space-Mice ruin it for the Doomites again, this is a near perfect episode, in my opinion.

Episode #14: "Yurak Gets His Pink Slip"

This episode opens with a failed attack on Arus by Yurak. Zarkon wants to banish Yurak from Planet Doom until Prince Lotor shows up with an idea to conquer Arus. Lotor challenges Keith to a duel with Arus at stake. Keith is knocked off a cliff, and the other members of the Voltron Force launch their Lions to defend Arus from attacking Doomite troops. As Allura and Lance search for Keith, Yurak emerges as a RoBeast and attacks. Keith wakes up, rides to the castle, and launches Black Lion. Voltron is formed and uses the Blazing Sword on Yurak. Lotor retreats to Planet Doom.

This is a fairly good episode. I like Haggar's remark about Yurak being a born loser. This episode marks the first appearance of Lotor, and Yurak looks cool as a RoBeast. Even though he is defeated by Voltron, he definitely puts on a good show as he dies. If only Keith wouldn't have woken up...

Episode #15: "Give Me Your Princess"

Lotor has taken command of the Doomite forces, and he launches an attack on Arus. Allura takes Black Lion without permission, so Keith has to pilot the Blue Lion. After a failed attempt to form Voltron, Lotor retreats when Keith turns on Lotor after he tries to capture the Blue Lion. Back at the castle, the Voltron Force are hard on Allura, and her feelings are hurt. She decides to surrender to Lotor in the best interest of Arus. The Voltron Force launch the Lions, but are forced to surrender to Lotor. Unfortunately, Coran and Keith have a plan, and after Lotor gives Keith a case of laser-burn from his sword, Voltron ends up being formed anyway. Needless to say, Lotor's command ship is destroyed.

This episode is interesting, but not exactly one of the best. I didn't realize this until the episode was nearly over, but there isn't a RoBeast in this episode! If I'm right, there's only one other episode that doesn't feature a RoBeast. This is the first episode where we can see a hint of a thing going on between Keith and Allura. I liked the way that Lotor's command ship separated into the different parts on Arus. This was another one of those episodes where you think the Doomites are going to win until the last minute. Not a bad episode overall.

Episode #16: "Bridge Over The River Chozzerai"
(I guess WEP just wanted an episode title that sounded cool, because the name of the river is never mentioned in the episode.)

On Arus, Allura tells the Legend of the Love-Bridge that was formed to unite two lovers who were from warring kingdoms. It so happens that a new bridge has just been completed at the site of the legend, and Allura and Hunk end up re-enacting the legend at the dedication ceremony. Lotor crashes the party (and the bridge itself) and tries to capture Allura as the latest RoBeast is unleashed. Hunk and Nanny attack with Yellow Lion, only to be crippled by Lotor's ship. Allura faces Lotor again as she tries to launch Blue Lion, but she escapes when Lotor trips on a rock. She ends up rescuing Yellow Lion, Voltron is formed, and the RoBeast is destroyed.

I enjoy watching this episode. The scene where the Voltron Force jokers try to pick the joker while listening to "The Joker" by Steve Miller (OK, so I made that last part up!) was hilarious. Lotor is in fine form in this episode as well. It's too bad that he lost again.

Episode #17: "My Brother is a RoBeast"

In this classic episode, King Koba of the planet Pollux teams up with Zarkon in trying to conquer Arus. Koba's son, Avok, is turned into a RoBeast. The Voltron Force fly to Pollux after receiving a challenge from Koba. They are caught sneaking through the castle by Princess Romelle, Prince Bandor, and the Doomites. After making it back to Voltron, they have a good fight with Avok the RoBeast. Then, when Doomite troops attack, Avok swims out to sea* and Voltron ends up destroying Lotor's main ship. Pollux ends up joining forces with Arus.
* (In the original Go-Lion episode, King Koba and Prince Avok end up getting killed by the Galra forces.Also, at the end of the episode, we can see why Bandor is REALLY crying: The Go-Lion force is standing at the gravesites of Bandor's recently killed-off relatives.)

As I said before, this episode is a classic in my opinion. Not only is this the episode that the planet Pollux is introduced, but it's also one of the first episodes that I recorded from the Cartoon Network. There's some good fight scenes in this episode, since Voltron gets the Blazing Sword knocked out of his hand. Planet Pollux could have been a cool Doomite ally if only things could have gone differently. Definitely an episode to watch more than once.

Episode #18: "Zarkon is Dying"

Lotor acquires a formula that transforms plants into monsters. Zarkon appears to be on his deathbed, and Haggar consults with the Dark Spirits to find a cure. Lotor is sent to Arus for berries. He uses the formula to create three Tree-Beasts to terrorize Allura. His plan backfires when Keith comes to the rescue. After a good fight between the Lions and the combined Tree-Beasts, Voltron is formed and the giant Tree-Beast is destroyed. As it turns out, Zarkon was only faking his illness anyway.

If you haven't been through the Tree-Beast Forest yet, you're a lame-brain. Seriously though, if you'd like to read the transcript to this episode, click on the above link. Needless to say, I think this is the perfect Voltron epidsode. There's a lot of treachery going on here, from Lotor using another witch (Zondra) to create the Tree-Beast potion, to Zarkon testing Lotor's loyalty by faking the illness. As I've said numerous times on the Voltron Force Message Board, the scene where Haggar consults the Dark Spirits will always stick out in my memory as possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen in a cartoon. EXCELLENT stuff!

Episode #19: "The Buried Castle"

After a mysterious castle emerges from underground on Arus, Pidge and some kids decide to hunt for treasure in it. Unbeknownst to them, the castle is actually a clever trap set by Haggar. When Pidge and the kids are trapped in the castle bell, a Space Mouse alerts the Voltron Force, which are all subsequently trapped (except for Keith.) Haggar then launches her latest RoBeast to transport the castle to Planet Doom. Unfortunately, Keith manages to cut the tow lines with Black Lion's mouth-sword, and the Voltron Force escape. Voltron is formed, and after a short fight, the Towing RoBeast is destroyed.

This one is another episode where Haggar has some fun with the Voltron Force. Although not as cool in my opinion as Episode #13, this is still a very entertaining episode. I really liked it when Haggar literally turns the castle upside-down in order to capture Pidge, Lance, Hunk, and Allura. The scene where Keith's fighting the Skeleton-Warriors is cool too! (Look for a new soundfile from that scene in the Sounds Chamber soon!) If only that Space Mouse wouldn't have gone with Pidge...

Episode #20: "Pidge's Home Planet"

While the Voltron Force is discussing the need for a suitor for Allura, Planet Balto is attacked by nuclear missiles. Pidge wants to fly over there with Voltron, since Balto is his home planet.* Disobeying Coran's order to remain on Arus, Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge launch for Balto. Lotor's waiting for them, and he launches a RoBeast. Allura heads for Balto after receiving an S.O.S. from Keith. It takes a little struggle, but Voltron is eventually formed and after a short, but good fight, the RoBeast is destroyed.
*(Although Balto is repeatedly referred to as Pidge's home planet in this episode, WEP goofed again. At the end of Episode #11, Pidge says that Tammy reminds him of his sister on Planet Terra. Oh well, nobody's perfect.)

This episode, in my opinion, is about on-par with Episode #11: Not bad, but not my favorite. There is a serious Keith/Allura moment when she's making one last tearful plea for the Voltron Force to stay. I liked the scene where the Voltron Force is putting Coran down. (Stay tuned for a soundfile!) Also, I did like the fight between Voltron and the RoBeast. Although it was short, it was very intense. Not too bad of an epoisode.

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