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The First Four Episodes

Episode #1: "Space Explorers Captured"

A definite CLASSIC, this first episode begins with Keith, Sven, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge approaching a war-torn Planet Arus. Before they can land, a Doomite slave ship pulls the space explorers ship into its cargo hold with a tractor-beam. Meanwhile back on Earth, members of the Galaxy Alliance discuss the fate of the space explorers. The legend of Voltron comes up in the discussion. Then, as the slave ship arrives on Planet Doom, King Zarkon proclaims victory over the Galaxy Alliance. Haggar warns Zarkon that the Castle of Lions holds the secret of Voltron. The scene shifts to the royal arena, where we see a RoBeast making short work of some pitiful slaves. The future Voltron Force is shown in the castle dungeon, deciding to try and escape from the dungeon to Arus. They manage to escape through a window, with the help of Hunk's strength. With the help of some of the vultures that constantly circle Castle Doom, the space explorers make it to another Doomite ship and take off. Meanwhile, Yurak informs Zarkon of the escape. Zarkon orders the stolen ship shot down, and Yurak complies. However, instead of going down in a huge fireball, the Lion Statue on Arus rescues the ship, letting it down gently to the planet's surface. Keith recounts the legend of Voltron as this episode ends.

First, the high point of the episode. Even though Hunk may be a strongman, he has a little problem with heights. As Lance says as they climb out of the dungeon, "Imagine a space explorer afraid of heights!" Next, the low point of the episode. As Yurak is informing Zarkon of the escape, the stolen Doomite ship runs into and takes a large chunk out of Castle Doom.

Episode #2: "Escape to Another Planet"

As the stolen Doomite ship hurtles toward Arus, the space explorers eject before the ship bursts into flames. On Earth, the Galaxy Alliance discusses the space-explorers current situation. As the future Voltron Force is trying to find some help, they are attacked by the frightened villagers who live in the Arusian caves. The space explorers make their way toward the Castle of Lions as Yurak and his troops search for them through dense fog. Arriving at the half-destroyed original Castle of Lions, the future Voltron force decide to investigate and get "trapped" inside the castle's walls. Coran appears for the first time and informs them of the current situation on Arus. Then, Princess Allura appears for the first time. When asked about Voltron, Coran recounts the legend of how Voltron was defeated in battle by Haggar. As the Doomite troops are still looking for the space explorers, Coran and Allura allow the Voltron Force to see Castle Control. Coran passes out their new uniforms as the episode closes with a primer on where the Lions are: Black Lion is in the Lion Statue, Red Lion is in the lava of the volcano, Green Lion is in the Arusian forest near the castle, Blue Lion is in the castle moat, and Yellow Lion is in the desert.

There are three high points in this episode. First, Hunk and Lance both imitate ostriches, with their heads buried in the sand after a rough emergency landing. Pidge says that Hunk "plows head-first into everything." Also, Hunk shows what a pig he is by complaining about food not once, but twice! Finally, when Haggar tells Coba, her blue cat, that he can have the Voltron force for dinner, his meow is priceless! The low point of this episode is where we first get introduced to the dreaded Space Mice.

Episode #3: "A Ghost and Four Keys"

On Planet Doom, Haggar tells Zarkon that the Voltron Force has safely landed on Arus. Zarkon orders the first RoBeast sent to Arus immediately. Yurak protests this as the search for the Voltron Force continues. On Arus, Coran tells the Voltron Force about the keys to Voltron: one for each Lion. Pidge goes spying for Doomite troops outside the castle. The others go to Alfor's crypt, where they first meet with Alfor's ghost and find four of the five keys. After receiving a radio message from Pidge, who's surrounded by Doomite soldiers, Keith and the others convince Coran to let them launch four of the Lions. Pidge is saved by cave-dwellers after falling off a cliff. The Lions attack Yurak's troops until the RoBeast appears. In spite of Yurak's protests, the RoBeast attacks and knocks out the Lions.

There are a couple high points and a couple low points to this episode. On the high note, this is where the first RoBeast is sent to Arus and we first see a Doomite Coffin-Cruiser. The low points are where Alfor's ghost appears and the Lions are first launched.

Episode #4: "The Missing Key"

On Planet Doom, Zarkon is now worried about the Voltron Force being on Arus, and the possibility that Voltron will live again. Meanwhile on Arus, Coran informs Galaxy Garrison of the Voltron Force's initial defeat. Pidge sees the Space Mice again as cave-dwellers lead him toward the Castle via underground tunnels. When he arrives at Castle Control, Coran and Allura inform Pidge of the current situation. Pidge radios the others, who wake up and regroup at the castle. The search for the fifth key begins. Hunk discovers a mouse hole and Pidge tells about the Space Mice, which the Voltron Force trap. Allura finds out and tells about her friends, the Space Mice. We find out that the mice took the fifth key as a good-luck charm. They return the key, and after receiving Alfor's blessing, all five Lions are launched against attacking Doomite troops. Yurak sends the RoBeast out again. After a short battle between it and the separate Lions, Voltron is formed for the first time.The RoBeast is destroyed by the Blazing Sword after a short fight.

The high and low points of this episode should be fairly obvious, but I'll add what you could call a high point OR a low point. As Allura explains that the Space Mice are her friends, we see a flashback of a very young Allura, watching the mice do a can-can with fancy dresses and all. Amusing for sure.

Well, there you have it, the first four episodes of Voltron!

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