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Classic Voltron Season One (1984-85)

(Episodes 41-50)

Episode #41: "There Will Be a Royal Wedding"

After a brief re-cap of Episode 40, Romelle is shown being rescued in the Pit of Skulls. After fleeing Lotor's troops, it turns out that her rescuer is Sven, masquerading as a wild man to hide his shame from letting the Voltron Force down. Romelle reassures him and convinces him to radio Arus and escape with her. Haggar uses her aptly-named Iron Maiden RoBeast to try and flush out Romelle and Sven by torturing some slaves who tried to escape. Sven and Romelle escape, and Voltron and Bandor's ship launch to escort them back to Pollux. The Iron Maiden is unleashed, and it uses its crown to paralyze Voltron. Sven and Romelle attack, freeing Voltron so that the Iron Maiden can be destroyed.

Although not as cool as the last two episodes in this series, this isn't a bad episode. Sven makes a dramatic reappearance here, so if you're a fan of him, you might want to check this episode out. The Iron Maiden is definitely a cool RoBeast to behold, and the story from the last two episodes is wrapped up nicely here. Check this one out.

Episode #42: "The Sand People"

The Voltron Force arrive on the sand planet and meet up with Professor Sarwa. Lotor and Haggar are after the sand people, friendly little armadillo-like creatures, to turn them into a RoBeast army. Allura befriends one named Sandy and gives him her bracelet. The Voltron Force try to stop Lotor's attack on the planet, but the Lions end up buried under the sand. Sandy is turned into a RoBeast. The Lions break into Lotor's ungerground base to free the sand people. Sandy is launched, and Voltron is formed to remove the "S" on Sandy's chest. This releases Haggar's power over Sandy, who returns to his original size. Lotor and Haggar retreat.

THis episode is a bit of a let-down after the past three episodes. The storyline is pretty ho-hum, although Doomite Skull-Tanks figure heavily in this episode. As you can probably tell, I'm into a little bit more action in an episode. However, this wasn't too bad to watch...

Episode #43: "Voltron Frees the Slaves"

Zarkon sends Lotor on a two-part mission. The first part is to conquer a newly-discovered planet, and the second is to lure Voltron to his destruction by Haggar affecting the gravity on the planet. Lotor conquers the planet and names it Zarkonia. Some kids are trapped trying to capture Lotor. The Voltron Force arrives to save the kids, and that's when Haggar launches the RoBeast and triggers the gravity change. Unfortunately, the Lions computers and power-crystal recalibrate themselves, effectively rendering the change in gravity useless. Voltron is formed, and after a great fight sequence, the RoBeast is trashed. We find out that the planet's real name is Bravura, meaning "brave ones."

This episode was kind of slow in the beginning, but it picked up enough at the end to merit 3.5 out of 5 Rainbow Balls. I liked the sequence where Coba sends a revolting slave over the waterfall and where the kids are found-out by Lotor and Haggar. The fight between the RoBeast and Voltron was pretty cool too. That final scene where Voltron loses a piece of his wing and the RoBeast ends up as scrap is awesome! Not a bad episode as a whole.

Episode #44: "Voltron Vs. Voltron"

Zarkkon is informed that the people of Planet Yadl are trying to declare independence from his empire, and have invited the Voltron Force to celebrate with them. To stop the revolt, Lotor and Haggar send a RoBeast to that looks EXACTLY like Voltron himself! This trick works great except for a boy named Lavi, who smells a rat when "Voltron" arrives too early. Meanwhile, a boy named Bobby has been sent to Arus to invite Voltron to Planet Yadl. The Doomite version of Voltron is buried to surprise the Voltron Force. Unable to reach Arus via radio, Lavi digs a warning to Voltron in the sand. The Voltron Force see the warning and are prepared to fight, shooting at the Doomite troops that are set to ambush. The Doomite Voltron is launched, and thanks to a computer brain implanted in his circuits, he gives the real Voltron a whole lot of trouble at first. However, due to a small miscalculation by Haggar, The Doomite Voltron is helpless when Red and Green Lions detach from the real Voltron. So, the real Blazing Sword is formed, and the Doomite Voltron is sliced in two, neatly in the middle.

This is one of my favorite First Season episodes, simply for the fact that Voltron's got an evil twin here! The storyline and fight scenes are excellent! Watch this episode! 'Nuff said!

Episode #45: "One Princess to Another"

After hearing that Zarkon is sending 500 RoBeasts to be charged with Lazon on Satellite Neuklon, Romelle and Sven travel to Planet Doom to see if they can stop the shipment from reaching its destination. Sven has a plan to infiltrate the shipment by disguising himself as a RoBeast. After the Voltron Force is updated on the situation, Sven finds out where the ship is headed and sabotages it before escaping. The Lions launch for Neuklon, where Zarkon has one more RoBeast waiting for them. Voltron is formed, and after a short fight, both the RoBeat and Satellite Neuklon are destroyed.

Although this episode isn't anything spectactular, I must say that Romelle's outfit in this episode looks awesome! Normally, I could care less about Romelle, but in this episode, she definitely deserves another look. The story as a whole wasn't bad, as it showcased Svens's skill as a sabotuer. Even as a Doomite, I must admit that the man hasn't lost his touch. Also, the possible relationship between Sven and Romelle is hinted at here. Not a bad episode overall.

Episode #46: "The Mighty Space Mouse"

In this episode, Cheesy and the other Space Mice are training to become assistants in guarding Arus from the Doomites. They discover Coba on Arus, and also hear a rumbling coming from underground. The Voltron Force is put on the alert while Pidge completes the Mouse Plane. As the mice try to get the thing to fly, the Lions investigate a fresh crack in the planet's surface. Voltron is formed after suspicions of foul play are realized. However, Haggar's latest RoBeast manages to chain all four of Voltron's limbs, and Voltron can't retaliate because Cheesy is hanging on for dear life on the cliff above. The Mouse Plane rescues Cheesy just in time, and after a short fight, Voltron knocks out the RoBeast.

I know, I know, you're wondering why I gave an episode that showcases the Space Mice 3 Rainbow Balls. Well, although the furballs once again ruin it for the Doomites, this episode is actually pretty entertaining. Haggar has a good showing in this episode, and the Scorpion RoBeast definitely looks cool as it gives Voltron a run for his money. Add a nice storyline and lots of misadventures with the mice, and you've got a fun episode to watch.

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