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Here's the Newer Stuff!

This was the First Reaction:

King Zarkon: What is THAT?!?

Prince Lotor: An exact duplicate of Voltron, but better. Built from stolen blueprints...
It's got computerized circuits, built-in weapons, and magnified speed.

Haggar: I've provided a glamourous touch by darkening the circles under his eyes.

If you are a fan of Voltron, you'll recognize this bit of dialogue from Episode #44 of the First Season, or "Voltron Vs. Voltron." And if you've seen this great episode, you know how it ends: the Voltron Force finds out our plans with the help of that pesky friend of Bobby's. "Next time, I'll produce the five lions too!" Haggar exclaimed as we watched her latest masterpiece go up in flames. Well, guess what? We HAVE produced the five lions this time...

The Great Return Is At Hand!!

That's right, we've finally produced Voltron's Equal! The only reason that the Voltron Force hasn't figured this out yet is because we've unleashed it in the most inconspicuous way we could: in the form of the Trendmasters Voltron Toys!!! Ah, ha, ha, ha!!! Roll your mouse over any of the following thumbnails, and you'll get a description of the picture. Click on a thumbnail to view the Big Picture!

Doomite Voltron Package! This is the inner box... Here are the 5 
Doomite Lions... The Doomite version of Voltron in all it's wicked 
glory! The Doomite version of Voltron standing next to another 
(unopened) box! How do they get those kids that seem to be '80s refugees?

Here's what the litle blurb on the back of the box says:

"When fierce RoBeasts and evil warriors threaten, Voltron is the ultimate weapon! Five lions, one special team, transform into a heroic robot-warrior packed with might and firepower! Let's go Voltron Force!"

(This is what the honchos at Trendmasters were told to print on the boxes. This was to fool the fans of Voltron into buying the toys, but the toys inside the box are NOT the real Voltron lions!! If you don't believe this, see for yourself! Get your hands on any of the Trendmasters Lion Voltron toys, assemble the lions, and check out the black circles under "Voltron's" eyes!)

Now, a lot of people might say that they're just toys, so who cares? Well, They may be toys, but they are toys from Planet Doom, and as long as those troublemakers at Galaxy Garrison don't know, we'll keep the fans of Voltron happy, even with the Doomite version of Voltron!

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Stealth Voltron!

We didn't even come up with this idea, but we sure wish we did! Here are some pics...

Stealth Voltron Package! Here's the 
back of the package... Here are the five Stealth Lions!

This Chamber is Under Construction Until Further Notice.

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