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Old-School Voltron Toys!

Welcome to the Original Section!

What would an excellent '80s cartoon series be without some totally cool toys for the kids to play with afterwards? Voltron was no exception! In this section, I'll display the old-school Voltron toys that I've managed to add to my collection. As usual, by rolling your mouse over each thumbnail, you'll see a brief discription of the Big Picture. Well, enjoy!

Ah, an original 1982 Golion GoDaikin box! Here's the iner box! Let's Go, Lions! It's the mighty Golion Robot! The silver stickers on the back are proof: This is the real deal!
Here's a knock-off of the Dairugger XV robot, called Robo-Cosmo! Here are the the five vehicles of the Land Team... Here is the Land Team's combined vehicle. Here are the Sea Team's vehicles. Here's the Sea Team's combined vehicle. Here are the Air Team's vehicles. Here's the Air team's combined vehicle. Here are the Land, Sea, and Air vehicles, together!

This Chamber is Under Construction Until Further Notice.

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